Chevrolet Gives Back with its #DayItForward Campaign

March 9th, 2016 by

Chevrolet used Leap Day to inspire celebrities, dealerships and communities to pay it forward and do something selfless for someone else. The best part of it was that it lead to some pretty tremendous stories. So, how did the automotive company do it? With the #DayItForward Leap Day campaign.

“Time is such a precious commodity and having an extra day this year presents an amazing opportunity for all of us to do something impactful,” said Paul Edwards, Chevrolet vice president of Marketing. “The Chevy team is going to take those extra hours and put them towards doing unexpected acts of kindness for people – something that we hope others will embrace and repeat.” Take a look at how it all happened, right here.

#DayItForward will continue to inspire people across the country to use an additional day in the 2016 Leap Year to create their own story of kindness. Here at Sun Chevrolet & Auto Warehouse, giving back to the community is something that we are committed to. We work in tandem with select nonprofit organizations and charities throughout the year, to help those in need while also contributing to the common good of the community.

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