Journey to the Center of Your Oil Pan

October 20th, 2015 by

Ever wonder what all that oil you put into your car does?

Getting an oil change at the recommended interval for your vehicle is vital, but why? What does all that oil do under the hood, anyway?

It turns out, your oil has quite a job to do. From the sump tank to the crank shaft, to the pistons, and valve train, oil is needed in every part of the engine to keep it clean, and to keep metal from grinding against metal.

A clean oil filter is just as important. Your oil picks up grit from the engine and clears it out, but without an oil filter to catch those particulates, it will just keep circulating around the engine, causing corrosion.

Keep your engine running like it’s brand new, by always having fresh oil and a clean filter. VisitSun Chevrolet & Auto Warehouse for a service appointment when it’s time for your next oil change.

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