Tips For Winterizing Your Car

October 23rd, 2017 by

There’s nothing worse than that first bitter cold day walking out to your car only to find it will not start. Below are a few tips for winterizing your car and getting your vehicle ready for the cold winter months!

  • Change your oil: This is something that should be done at least every 3,000 miles and very important during the winter!


  • Check your engine coolant AKA antifreeze: In normal weather it should typically be a 50/50 ratio of coolant to water, but in the winter months it should be 60/40.


  • Have your battery checked: In colder weather, your engine requires more current from the battery. One simple way to do an “at home” battery test is to turn your lights on before the vehicle is started. Then, turn the engine on. If the lights get brighter when the engine starts, it could mean that your battery is dying.


  • Make sure you have ample washer fluid and your windshield wipers aren’t damaged. Make sure in the winter months you use a washer fluid that is made to handle the freezing temperatures. Did you know that there are specific winter wipers on the market? Now you do!



  • Make sure your heat works: When it starts getting cooler at night later in the summer, turn on your heat to ensure that it’s still working. If it isn’t you have some time to get it fixed before winter approaches.




  • Check your Tires: The cold can mean two things: either it’s time to invest in snow tires or it‘s time to make sure your current tires are ready for the snow! Make sure they are properly inflated to the correct pressure (found in the owner’s manual) and enough tread on them to get you around safely.




  • Keep your gas tank filled: Haven’t you heard before that it’s not good to drive with your gas on “E?” Well that’s really the truth in the winter! Cold weather can cause condensation. That means that those little water droplets drip down into your gas. Then, it sinks to the bottom where it can travel into the fuel lines and block the flow of gas to your engine. If you’re in a new area and you’re not familiar with any gas stations, download the Gas Buddy app. Gas Buddy will give you the nearest and cheapest gas station.


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