What to Bring When You’re Financing a Vehicle

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The vehicle financing process can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure of the items and information you need to have with you to ensure everything is accurately and efficiently completed.

There’s nothing worse than showing up at the dealership and realizing you’ve forgotten some of the documentation necessary to get everything taken care of on the day you want to buy.

Follow this simple guide to know what to bring when you’re financing a car at a dealership, then make your way from the Cicero area to Used Car King!

What You Need to Know Before Financing

Apart from your name and date of birth, some important information for a credit application could include:

  • Social Security number
  • Address and how long you’ve lived there (it can be beneficial to bring back up documents, like utility and cell phone bills)
  • Employment history and how long you’ve worked at each job
  • Details about your income sources, including a current pay stub
  • Monthly income
  • Current credit commitments, including how much debt you have
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What to Bring and What Steps to Take

Now that you know what to information to obtain before beginning the financing process, let’s delve into what you’ll need to bring and do. You’ll need to have the following when you finance:

  • A down payment in the form accepted by the given dealership
  • Your driver license so that you can prove you’re a legally registered driver and are able to drive the car off the lot
  • Proof of insurance
  • The title for your current vehicle if you’re looking to trade it in as proof of ownership. If you have a loan out on your current car and don’t yet own it, you need to bring your loan’s account number to the dealership
  • Current vehicle registration is also necessary if you decide to trade in your current vehicle

Additional steps that you’ll want to take prior to signing the dotted line for a financing contract are:

  • Contacting your insurance agent to learn how much you’ll have to pay to insure your new vehicle
  • Creating a list of references who do not live in your home, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers
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Finance a Vehicle at Used Car King!

Now that you know what documents you need to finance a car at a dealership, you’re prepared to get the process started! You can pick out the model of your dreams and begin financing when you head to our dealership in Cicero. You can also opt to apply for financing online to speed up the process, or you can contact us if you need further assistance!


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