Where Are Our Flying Cars?!

November 4th, 2015 by

You’ve been promised flying cars your whole life. You’ve been looking forward to them since watching The Jetsons as a kid.

Considering how deeply the flying car pervades our science fiction media, it seems almost inevitable that someone will invent them someday.

Well, they have, to an extent.

They’re called “helicopters.”

Look, while some companies have filed patents for, and even made prototype “flying cars,” the truth is, they aren’t the easy-to-use, whisper-quiet hovercraft you can easily park in your sky-house’s aerial garage and commute to work.

They’re small aircraft that you can technically drive on a road– though you generally wouldn’t want to. Planes don’t make good cars, and cars don’t make good planes.

That type of hovering technology you’ve seen in movies like The Fifth Element takes an enormous amount of energy, and creates noise. A fixed-wing craft that doesn’t hover would require an airport for takeoff.

Not to mention– flying cars are just plain dangerous. We have enough crashes just on the ground. Imagine a world where a car breakdown sends you hurtling out of the sky?

Speaking of breakdowns– even if your land-based vehicle won’t drop you out of the sky, breaking down is still a hassle that can leave you stranded. Keep your used car driving like it’s new off the lot with regular maintenance and repair at one of our Sun Auto locations inChittenango, Cicero, and Cortland.

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